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Won't turn off - Bluedio Turbine  
- Connecting a Bluedio Turbine to a Any device
Headphones suddenly won't connect to transmitter
- Connecting a Bluedio R+ Legend to a H-366T multi point transmitter
Unable to pair Bluedio 057 Hurricane Turbine  
- Connecting a Bluedio 057 Driver Hurricane Turbine to a Toshiba Tecra Z50-A 64bit running windows 7 pro
Bluedio Turbine T2+ Bluetooth 4.1 headset cannot even be recognized by any devices with blue tooth tuned on.
- Connecting a Bluedio Turbine T2+ Bluetooth 4.1 to a PC, android phone, tablet
how to fix my on/off button  
- Connecting a Bluedio turbine hurricane to a Any device
Headphones pair with iPhone, but not with MacBook
- Connecting a Bluedio T4 Turbine Active Noise Cancelling Over-ear Swiveling Wireless Bluetooth Headphones with Mic to a MacBook Air
Bluedio turbine hurricane stuck on
- Connecting a Bluedio turbine hurricane to a Bluedio turbine hurricane
Bluedio T2 sound stops after 10 15 minutes
- Connecting a bBuedio T2 to a PC or TV via usb transmitter

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