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Unable to pair Bluedio 057 Hurricane Turbine  
- Connecting a Bluedio hurricane turbine to a Toshiba Tecra Z50-A 64bit running windows 7 pro
my blue tooth turbine headphone are acting up
- Connecting a the blue tooth cant connect to a Microsoft lumia 650
Can i connect to ps4
- Connecting a Tzunami sport wireless earbuds to a PlayStation 4
how to make this work
- Connecting a Generic Bluetooth Radio to a Computer

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Microsoft 1678, 1679
Microsoft X821504-001
Microsoft universal mobile keyboard
Microsoft universal foldable keyboard
Microsoft Wedge Mobile Keyboard for Business Bluetooth U7R-00022
Microsoft Wedge Touch Mouse
Microsoft Sculpt Touch Mouse 6PL-00003
Microsoft Wireless Notebook Presenter Mouse 8000
Microsoft S5X-00001 Wedge Touch Mouse
Microsoft PL2 Wedge Mobile Bluetooth Keyboard (U6R-00003)
Microsoft Wedge Touch Mouse (3LR-00004)
Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard 5000
Microsoft U7R-00001 Wedge Keyboard (U7R-00001)
Microsoft Lumia 535
Microsoft Bluetooth Notebook Mouse 5000
Microsoft 5000 4-Button Bluetooth Notebook Laser Scroll Mouse (White/Black)
Microsoft Sculpt Comfort Mouse BT Black
Microsoft Surface Pro 3
Microsoft L2 Sculpt Touch Mouse Bluetooth EN/XD/XX - Storm Gray (6PL-00004)
Microsoft Sculpt Touch Mouse
Microsoft Surface Pro
microsoft sculpt touch mouse
Microsoft Wireless Mouse Model 2tf-00005 Black Color
Microsoft Bluetooth Wireless Intellimouse Explorer
Microsoft Sculpt Mobile Keyboard (T9T-00002)
Microsoft surface 3
Microsoft PL2 Wedge Mobile Bluetooth Keyboard
Microsoft U6R-00001 Wedge Keyboard PL2 (U6R-00001)
Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop for Bluetooth
Microsoft Keyboard Mouse Combo
Microsoft Wedge Touch Mouse Surface Edition
Microsoft Surface 2
Microsoft ARC touch mouse
Microsoft Bluetooth Keyboard 6000
Microsoft Wireless Mouse Microsoft Model 2tf-00009 White
Microsoft 6PL00003
Microsoft designer
Microsoft Surface Pro 2
Microsoft Sculpt Mobile Keyboard for Business French (T9T-00003)
Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Mouse 3600
microsoft lumia 640 lte
Microsoft U7R-00001 Wedge Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard
Microsoft Surface RT
Microsoft Lumia 640
Microsoft laser mouse 8000
Microsoft lenovo Z570
Microsoft Surface Pro 4
Microsoft 1679
Microsoft nuvision
Microsoft KaWrAkoRObila

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