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Be aware of interference from other devices

Be aware of interference from other devices that can interfere with signals on the Bluetooth frequency such as:

  • your home networking equipment (wireless routers, repeaters and base stations)
  • any USB 3.0 compatible devices that may be plugged into your computer or another device near by - there are more details about this in another suggestion we will show you later...
  • Other smartphones and electronics in the near vicinity that may have Bluetooth or WiFi hotspots enabled.
  • Other wireless electronics such as cordless home phones, wireless automation devices.
  • kitchen microwaves
  • Amateur Radio broadcasting devices

If you’re having general performance issues with your Bluetooth device it is a great idea to try and turn off anything at all in the surrounding rooms that may be causing such interference. If having turned a whole bunch of other electronics off you find that your Bluetooth device suddenly performs well be as scientific as possible in turning on your other household appliances one at a time and as methodically as possible in order to work out which are causing a problem.

  • This is a general troubleshooting tip that applies to most Bluetooth connectivity issues.

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