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Check your device drivers have not stopped functioning

If you are using a Windows computer it is worth checking that your Bluetooth drivers are functioning. It is possible that Bluetooth drivers can fail or crash during general computer use. Common signs this may have happened include the Bluetooth taskbar icon disappearing as well as any reference to Bluetooth devices under Windows 8 settings suddenly disappearing.

The best way to determine if the driver has stopped can be checked by following these simple steps...

1) Load the Device Manager by going to the windows Control Panel (normally click on Start and then find Control Panel)
2) Select the System option
3) Click on the Device Manager link that should be located on this screen

Now look for the Bluetooth collection of items. Check to see if any contain an error symbol. Clicking on any such item may reveal an error message, as can be seen in the screen shot below where an error 43 has occurred.

A common fix for such errors is to delete the problem Bluetooth item from the list and then to restart the computer. To delete the item just select it and then press the delete key on your keyboard. On restart the device should be detected again.

You may be prompted if you want to delete the device drivers for the device when you select to delete it. If so don't check this the first time around. If the problem with your Bluetooth device suddenly stopping continues try the process again and this time when deleting the problem Bluetooth adapter DO tick the box to delete the drivers. On a system restart you may be prompted to provide drivers, in which case you should supply the most recent ones available from your computer supplier.
  • This tip is relavent to the following Bluetooth compatible host types: Windows Laptop, Windows Desktop PC

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