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Make sure that your host computer system has the latest updates installed

If you’re using a Windows, Mac or a modern mobile smartphone or tablet you will be used to the idea of software updates - yes those nagging reminders that new security patches and improvements are available to install.

Whilst its often tempting to ignore these updates as they take time and may involve a reboot of your device it's worth remembering that sometimes these updates add genuine new functionality. This is exactly the case with Bluetooth related software support that is embedded deep within your device's operating system. It's been the case that over time many operating systems have had their Bluetooth support extended by supporting new types of devices and more reliably thanks to such updates.

So if you've been ignoring update messages for a while now is the time to do it. Stop here, go into your system preferences and run the update utility and then install them.


  • This tip is relavent to the following Bluetooth compatible host types: Windows Laptop, Windows Desktop PC, Apple Laptop Computer, Apple Desktop Computer, Apple iPad, Apple iPhone, Apple iPod, Android Smartphone, Windows Phone 7/8, Blackberry Smartphone, Other Smartphone

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